This is exactly what is taking place between stones and humans! Stones, too, emit radiation and, permanent they emit the same information in very constant way. They could be compared to radio transmitters that constantly broadcast the same program. Every crystal has its own specific light, or put another way, its specific radiation that naturally influences our organism. If contact is made between a crystal and our bodies, the absorbed light will inevitably have an influence on the “light communication” between the cells and cause certain reactions.

Whether this influence becomes a healing influence will depend upon two factors:



If a need is fulfilled, healing will take place. It is not the chemical substance that is effective, but the information emitted by it.

Based on the mineralogical data on the crystal system, manner of formation, mineral class, content of mineral-forming elements and colour, we will know what basic programme is involved in each case. In this way, we have exact instructions at our disposal as to how to identify exactly the right information transmitter(the right crystal) for us from our personal lifestyle, the given situation, the desired change, and so on.


Choosing with your eyes:  – THE SOUL STONE

Choosing with the hand: – THE STONE FOR YOUR BODY

Choosing via the word: – THE STONE FOR THE INTELLECT

Choosing at random: – THE STONE FOR THE SPIRIT

We can use three different criteria in order to assess the effect and healing power of the particular crystal: its QUALITY, SIZE and FORM in which it has been shaped.


A crystal is defined as qualitatively better if it displays the typical characteristics and qualities of the crystal in the most obvious and clear manner. For example, a clear Quartz is better than a milky, cloudy one… It seems obvious that qualitatively better crystal has a more intense effect.


Large crystals have much more stronger effect than small ones. This is obviously connected with the fact that the power if its radiation increases with its mass. For example, a small amethyst crystal has a radius of effectiveness of a few inches, a large piece, on the other hand,  “irradiate” an entire hall. To boost the energy of some of the smaller stones, inside the orgone matrix it is particularly helpful to use Herkimer Diamond, especially when rare crystals are used. These rare crystals are often very small in size… and although they have a high vibration, they will benefit by being combined with Herkimer Diamond. This crystal will boost the energy of the smaller stone so that you feel like you are using a much larger stone.


The effect of form can be traced back to one basic principle: crystals emit their greatest effective radiation along their edges. A crystal will, therefore, radiate its greatest effect from its tip. An irregular splinter will cast its rays in all directions and a sphere will emit weaker, more regular radiation in all directions. Stones with facets are seen as more powerfull, while round, polished stones are felt to be gentler and more harmonious.


colorfull crystals

 The effect of crystal colors

We experience colors in a a deep way. The healing properties of colours are no longer news these days. Colour therapy can be successfully employed for allergies,chronic problems and psychic illnesses, and shows results that western medicine can only dream of. The main reasons for these comprehensive, positive results are very simple.


All of our inner processes are linked with each other and create energy phenomena. Our mental activities influence our spiritual experiences and vice versa.

Our entire experience leads to a kind of “color formation” (color=light=energy) in our bodies that seeks a balance in order to attain the neutral “white” state (or black). This balance simply occurs through externally adding another colors, namely the complementary color!

This is the reason our taste in color changes: an article of clothing that we absolutely have to have today can appear as “impossible” on another day. A different color would muddle us completely today, even though it appeared calming and harmonious a few days ago. Usually,  we unconsciously follow these impulses by dressing in a certain way or, without noticing it, tend to linger in places with certain colors, or prefer to gaze at certain colors.


It is never the eyes alone that perceive color…



Black crystals absorb all the light and are, therefore, suitable for “stripping off” excess energies. This effect is particularly noticeable with pain: looked at from the point of view of energy – pain arises wherever there is a blockage, and therefore, an energy back-up or bottleneck. Black crystals for example obsidian, smoky quartz or black tourmaline, will absorb this excess energy, causing pain to disappear and relaxation to set in.  This does not always mean that the cause is also eliminated.

Black therefore, does not apply to any organ in particular, but works for relaxation in the entire organism. The mental state is similarly affected.

Psychologically, black keeps away distraction and helps us concentrate on what is important and essential. Black helps bring hidden matters out into the open, pleasant as well as unpleasant ones, and through the absence of outer light, leads us to discover our own inner source of light.


Red crystals have a strong stimulating effect, produce heat and speed up things. They stimulate the circulation, the blood vessels and the blood itself. Dark red stimulates the activity of the heart, while light red(pink) helps create harmony in the heart. Red and reddish brown crystals stimulate the small intestine and improve the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and mineral-forming elements. This topo is good for the blood and improves its quality.

On mental level, red crystals make us more impulsive and extrovert. They strengthen the willpower and the ability to persevere. Pink is a little diferent in this respect: the large proportion of white makes its effect more peaceful, more sensitive to others and sometimes slightly oversensitive. Red stimulates the inner fire. It encourages all processes of learning, and the processing of experiences in the mind,and in this way accelerates our spiritual growth. Red encourages willingness to help others as a basic prerequisite for living together with all other beings. Pink minerals encourage sympathy.


Orange crystals have a vitalizing effect. They strongly stimulate the circulation, fortify the blood vessels and encourage an even distribution of energy throughout the body. The function and sensitivity of the sexual organs is improved. Dark orange and brown stimulate the body’s sensitivity and regulate metabolism and growth of tissues. The entire organism is strengthened and protected in this way.

On the mental level, orange enhances the quality of life and puts us in a cheerful, happy frame of mind. Orange crystals also encourage creativity within us. Dark orange and brown help us to collect ourselves on an inner level, providing a feeling of security, peace and down to earth realism. Orange crystals help us find harmony and balance and encourage sense of justice.


Yellow and gold-colored crystals have a cheering effect and help produce a positive attitude towards life. They stimulate the digestion and the activity of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Yellow improves digestion of food and the supply of energy to the body. The vegetative nervous system (the nerves that controls inner organs) is supported in its work, likewise the immune system.

Yellow lands happiness, a carefree attitude and energy to do things. It makes us aware of our needs and desires and helps fight off harm. Yellow and gold-colored crystals help us overcome depression and lend self-confidence, trust and belief in our own success.

On a mental level, yellow encourages an understanding of our daily experiences.(mental digestion). From this arises a certainty of being able  to shape our own life, that is, the ability to take on the responsibility. Yellow crystals help us discover meaning in our own existence and in this way lead us to spiritual maturity.


Green crystals have a harmonizing, neutralizing effect. They stimulate the liver and gallblader and thus encourage detoxification and regeneration of the body. Green releases emotion and makes emotions more intense, in particular anger and fury, although discharging the letter, in the long term it leads to an inner peace. Green crystals enhance speed and the ability to react and awaken interest and enthusiasm. They stimulate the inner world of picture, clarify our dream experiences and encourage the imagination. Green brings initiative and the will to live. It encourages the senses and perceptions and draws our attention to the material world. Green minerals helps us to deal with “spiritual toxins” and encourage a healthy optimism. Green is indeed color of hope.


Blue crystals have a cooling, calming effect. They regulate the activities of the kidneys and thereby balance of liquids, hormones, acid/alkali and mineral-forming elements. Blue activates movement of body fluids.

On the mental level, blue encourages relaxation, openness and honesty, accelerates instinctive reactions and keeps things in motion. Blue crystals help us to overcome fear and take courage. They promote the ability to form partnerships.

Blue encourages a balanced flow by helping us to recognize and overcome barriers and external influences. Blue crystals help us develop strength and an inner equilibrium. They encourage striving for knowledge and a search for truth.


Violet crystals have a cleansing, freeing effect. They encourage brain activity, the sensory and motor nervous system, the skin and the lungs and respiratory tract. In this way, they regulate breathing and absorption of oxygen, and they help overcome acidity by releasing carbon dioxide. In the large intestine, the color violet stimulates the absorption and elimination of water.

Violet lends relief in sorrow and helps dissolving traumas. It encourages memory, a wealth of ideas and consciousness, as well as communication and interaction with others. Violet crystals encourage an understanding of the problems of others, even if they are foreign to our personality. Violet protects us from foreign influences of an energetic and psychological nature.

Violet lends spiritual freedom. It awakens our deep innate knowledge, encourages the absorption of information and helps us distinguish between what is useful and what is harmful. Violet crystals promote inner calm and composure and help us recognize who we are.


Clear, White or Silver.  All of this are characterized by the fact that they do not absorb light or colors but reflect everything. This means they are neutral and guide the light to us that containc all possibilities. In this way they support and enhance what is already present. They are suitable for conducting energy in cases of deficiency and promoting the effect of other crystals.

On mental level, these crystals promote the very properties we see in them: clear crystals encourage clarity and purity, white crystals promote neutrality, silver crystals work like a mirror: the promote self recognition.

Spiritually, clear, white, silver represent purity and the creative power that contains all possibilities and can realize all things. Clear, white and silver crystals bring abundance and wholeness.(if they were not whole, they would be a colour)


Coloured and colorfully scintillating crystals reveal the playful side of nature. Crystals like opal, labradorite or rainbow obsidian reveal plays of colours that are more than just the sum of the colors involved. They stimulate activity in the entire organism and accelerate the healing process.

On mental level colored crystals have an enlivening effect. They provide joy, desire and enjoyment, may awaken old memories or offer relief and relaxation through pleasant pastimes. They are sometimes called “holiday” crystals.

On a spiritual plane, colored and scintillating crystals lend us the ability to play. This means that we voluntarily devote all our attention to a certain idea, understanding or task and are completely absorbed in it. In such a playfullife, we are source of our own fate; this will, in turn, bring unimaginable possibilities.

labradorite 7


The healing effect of a crystal becomes more easily understandable if we put aside the notion that the limits of our being are identical with the limits of our physical bodies. This notion is definitely a fallacy. Even in physics, it has been known for well over a hundred years that every body, every organism, every “material object” , be it a stone, a plant, or a plastic bucket, possesses what is referred to variously as an “emanation” of aura. Many physical and all chemical processes involve the absorption and emanation of radiation, which means that, whatever takes place,  radiation is either absorbed or released.

This means we ouselves, and everything around us, are constantly surounded by energy fields. This also means we are involved in a constant energy exchange with our environment. It all begins with the sunlight that we absorb and radiate out again in the form of heat, and ranges right through to the influences of energy from electrical currents, radio transmitters and microwaves. You may have had those annoying evenings when a perfectly adjusted picture on TV, appeared to suffer permanent interference merely through your presence. Not always, but on some days, it is difficult to find the right position in the room where you will not disturb the reception. The problem is not solely due to physical shielding of the signal, as sometimes another person can sit down in the very same armchair from which you have managed to ruin the entire reception without causing any effect at all! It appears from this  that it is your very own “radiation” that interacts with the box.

human aura

As this example makes clear, all of us are constant receivers and transmitters of radiation(information). In recent years evidence has emerged from various tests that “electro-smog” , caused by electrical currents, mobile phones, computers… can affect drastically people’s health.

human field


Nowadays, even children know that the stars are still in the sky in the daytime, even though they are not visible because the intensity of sunlight blots them out. The same goes for us: in principle we, too, are all sources of light. Our organism glow; every cell, every tissue and every organ has its own specific radiation and also produces its own specific magnetic field. These are now made use of in medicine for the diagnosis of illnesses. The technique of magnetic resonance imaging is used to measure the magnetic fields in our bodies and can produce three-dimensional images of all our inner organs.

Results of biochemical research published in 1993 have proven that this radiation is actually used for communication. Every cell nucleus emits photons with a high intensity and in this way communicates with neighboring cells. This is how metabolic processes, growth, development and the differentiations of cells, tissues and organs are coordinated in the body. The nervous system and hormones only intervene in a guiding capacity in processes that are normally regulated automatically . This “conversation” from cell to cell, this “chatting over the garden fence”, actually occurs via the medium of light.