Higher Levels of Awareness


There are many levels of awareness, from self-conscious to the oneness awareness. You can determine if you are on high or low level of awareness by the results you are getting in life. The better results you are getting, the higher your level of awareness is. If you want to get better results but cannot do that, it means that you are not aware of how you can achieve them.


Therefore by raising your level of awareness you will gain understanding of how to achieve better quality of life.
The only way to raise your level of awareness is by visualisation and by using mental faculties because this way you move to higher vibration and therefore attract things that are of higher vibration.



Going in circles

People usually want to have better results in life but they have no idea how to get them. They search for information in their external world and they get frustrated because it seems to them that they are going in circles, and they are.

They get the same results because they do not use their mental faculties. All they do is let their five basic senses guide them. So they operate on the same awareness level and cannot break through to higher awareness levels.

Now when I am writing about this, I remember that I experienced exactly the same. When my level of awareness was low, I kept searching for ways to work from home, and all I could find were the work from home scams.

This perfectly illustrates the fact that if your awareness is low you will only find knowledge and opportunities that are on the same awareness level.

However when I stopped searching for the answers in the external world and started really thinking of what I want to become, I started finding books and seminars that helped me to successfully start my first successful business.

So instead of looking for answers outside, use your mental faculties to gain knowledge because that’s the only way you can progress in life.


Your mental faculties

In “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill mentions six faculties that you have to develop for you to achieve success. They are vitally important because they will give you all the tools you need to achieve any goal you want.

Successful people have highly developed mental faculties and they trust them more than the five basic senses that they have.

These faculties are:



Your reasoning faculty enables you to think. And by thinking I do not mean react, but really think. Use your own head and always think before accepting any opinions as truth. Think of the goals you really desire rather than those that someone else thinks would be good for you.

Masses are controlled by media and if you want to achieve better results, don’t let the media control you. Don’t watch negative information because what you watch will very likely determine what vibration you emanate and therefore what level of awareness you are on.

It is very unlikely that you will find any programme on TV or radio that would raise your consciousness level, so there is no point in spending your time this way. All they can do is lower your consciousness level. You are better off reading self-help books and articles that help you understand how to improve your life.



Will is the ability to continuously direct your energy into one purpose. That’s the best way I can describe it.

You can develop your will by looking at an object for a long period of time and not letting any thoughts let your mind wonder off. Look continuously at the same object and when you get thoughts, gently come back to the same object and don’t pay attention to the thoughts that seek your attention. The longer you can focus on an object without the interruption of your thoughts, the stronger your will becomes.

You will need your will for visualisation because whilst visualising you should only see your desire without any interruptions.


Your perception determines how you see the world. You should understand that because of your experiences and beliefs you see the world in a different way than other people. Every single person sees the same world differently because they had different experiences in life.

You should understand that your perception can be wrong, and it almost always is wrong. Don’t let your perception deceive you, try to look at any situation without any strong opinions. The same applies to viewing people. You should not judge people. They are the same as you. We are all one.


This is also a very important mental faculty. Anyone can develop perfect memory. And it can serve a lot of good. However most people use their memory to their disadvantage. It just depends on you what you choose to remember. You can remember your past achievements or past failures, it is only for you to choose.


This faculty gives you an ability to read energies of other people. Everyone has such an ability but the more you use it, the more you can develop it.

By reading energy I mean picking up on the mood or the attitude of a person, also being able to tell if the person is lying. I can pick up on a negative, positive, successful, confused and dull energy. I am trying to develop this faculty as much as I can because it can be used in so many ways.

It is very hard to describe how you can feel others’ energies. It is as though some feeling from that person touches you and you feel what the person is about.

When the person has no strong opinions (which is a good thing) you can pick up very light energy, as though that person is neutral. That means that the person does not have any beliefs about you and does not judge you. When you pick up strong uncomfortable vibration, it means that the person has many limiting beliefs and looks at everyone from a strong ego viewpoint.

I hope you now understand a bit better about how to pick up on and interpret different energies of people.

When you communicate with a person, rather than listening to every single sentence, try to feel the energy that person emanates. This way you will be able to really see what the person is trying to convey to you and whether the person is hiding something from you or lying to you.


This is one of the most important faculties you have. Through imagination you are able to manifest your desires. The more you develop your imagination, the clearer your vision about your desires will be and the quicker you will manifest your desires.


The breakthrough

It is impossible to reach higher levels of awareness by searching for the answers outside of yourself. All the answers that you will ever need is inside you. You can become aware of better living and how to achieve better results only by visualisation and by properly using your other mental faculties.

When you visualise some goal that you want to achieve, your whole body moves into the vibration of that goal. Because of the change in your vibration you are able to pick up ideas and thoughts of a higher level of awareness.

That’s how inspiration comes to you when you visualise something. It is your unconscious mind making you aware of how to achieve that goal. The ideas that your unconscious mind sends to you are vitally important for the achievement of your goal.

For example, if you are living in a small house in a bad part of the town it means that you are not aware of how to afford a larger house in a better part of the town. For you to be able to live in a better house you need to visualise yourself already living there.

If you keep visualising it, your conscious mind will soon transfer this vision into your subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will give you ideas about how to get your desire. You will pick up on those ideas and you will take an appropriate action to achieve your goal.


A rough ride

If you expect a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be I have bad news for you. You must get some (maybe even many) failures along the way. This is because of your comfort zone, and also because you have introduced new vibration into your subconscious mind.

So now you have new and old (your old conditioning) vibration going on in your subconscious mind. That will cause all sorts of confusion for you, it will seem that everything is going wrong. But you should understand that this is happening only because big changes are taking place in your subconscious mind and it is adjusting to the new vibration you introduced.

The bigger the goal you set for yourself, the bigger obstacles you will need to overcome. But never fear any failures, always have faith that you will achieve your goal and that will let you overcome all the obstacles that will appear in front of you.

What happens when you reach higher levels of awareness

When you raise your vibration and reach higher awareness level, you will notice some changes in yourself and the outer world. You will manifest your desires much quicker and you will be more centred. You will react to the outer world in a less dramatic way and you will suffer from no or little mood swings. In general, you will become a much more understanding, happy and peaceful person.

When you manage to reach a higher awareness level, your life will change in many ways. You may start new relationships and end old ones and you may decide to do something different with your life. The quality of your life will improve greatly and that will encourage you to further raise your awareness.


Itzhak Bentov From Atom To Cosmos


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