What is Orgone energy…



First my short observations and how I personally perceive the workings of orgonite and orgone energy…

Each particle of energy which is made from the narrow perspective consumerist format of animal materialistic mind, can be  harmful to us…  this energy can influence our energetic, emotional and physical body…

That particles can be anything from hatred feeling to man made radiation science  technology (5G, 6G), EMF from wifi and mobile phones…

So I see the orgone energy as a light information from the organic source of Creation (which is LOVE)…with help of crystals as the most stable vibrations in material world  and as such this orgonite  has the power to transform the un-organized particles which are lacking that Divine information into organized order, giving those particles information how to behave in a way, or so to say, giving them organic information of light which they are lacking (don’t have)… principles of sacred geometry, so they become alive again…  instead of stealing our energy (sucking it like a parasite), they become one with the energy of Creation which is LOVE…  and as such has the power to energize all living beings on mother Earth.

Each orgonite is a living being , living dynamic energy with its elemental forces and crystals which are children of mother Earth…

To be a real Human and to truly approach God means to manifest more and more Light of your soul into the world every day and to achieve that there is not even a hint of a shadow in this Light.

Only then you will be able to pass the Guard and reunite with genuine Source of Light.





cosmic life force orgone energy


Orgone is life force vitality energy that fills your body and is utilized almost like free energy, providing energy to your body, mind, and spirit.
Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone, Ether, the Universal Life Force  or “fifth element” – call it what you will. We all know an underlying energy beyond some confining definition exists, empowers and flows through everything. Mainstream science has consistently choked on recognizing this since to them it crosses into the metaphysical which they claim can’t be quantified
To me, that encapsulates the recalcitrant ignorance of the so-called “scientific approach” perfectly.
But this is changing rapidly as previous defining lines of distinction are intellectually and vibrationally dissolving. Seemingly hidden Truths are now coming to the surface and perspectives are continuing to shift, despite the Controllers’ efforts to hold the illusion together.
You can think of Orgonites as energy storehouses. The energy they store is spiritual energy, energy that nurtures your being, your soul. When your energy is low the recharging happens fast.
WILHELM REICH“Orgone energy is a term coined by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the late 1930s for a proposed universal creative substratum in nature. He claimed that orgone was the massless, omnipresent medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena, a Luminiferous aether from which all matter arises. It is in constant motion, is attracted to itself and “contradicts” the law of entropy. It forms units that are the foci of creative activity, whether bions, clouds and galaxies, causing spontaneous generation of living organisms out of non-living matter. It can be accumulated in an insulated Faraday cage called an “orgone accumulator” and directed by a cloudbuster.Reich held that certain forms of illness were the consequence of depletion or blockages of the orgone energy within the body.”


“Energy Flows, where Attention goes, All the time, whether you are Conscious of it or not”..
Your life force is your energy. There are many names for it, and it is absolutely essential to life.  There are internal energy channels in the human body and we all have life force energy flowing through these channels.Many people don’t believe in energy because they can’t see it or touch it. Interestingly though, most everyone feels energy, even if they are not recognizing it for what it is. It’s easy to explain off those feelings as one thing or another, but make no mistake about it, energy is all around us. If it weren’t, then you and I wouldn’t be here.    Most people believe that life is nourished and sustained by other ‘physical objects’, such as food, yet, this is not actually how life maintains itself. Energy is the substance that sustains life. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc. do not sustain life, it is the energy inside of these substances that enables life to exist here. Our bodies are in essence biological machines which run on energy, not dirt. Without energy, there is no life.
Energy is flowing and moving around us all the time, if it were not so, we would not be alive. It sustains and nourishes our bodies and it can be used to support and increase the body’s natural self-healing ability. This can speed up recovery from illness and injury. Life force energy can be used to boost our physical vitality and energy levels and to support us and heal us on the emotional and psychological levels as well.
As a conscious, energetic being you have a unique way of interacting with energy, and your mind consciously controls your energy.
Known and Utilized for Ages
Many great pioneers in philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics and true science (meaning knowledge or “knowing”) have spoken to humanity about this seemingly ethereal resource, including those using powerful meditative, shamanic, psychedelic and other esoteric approaches. Today, with the exponential growth of alternative research and information rapidly approaching what’s loosely called the Singularity, even modern physicists are coming to paradigm shifting conclusions.
Oddly enough, many still refuse to fully acknowledge the fact that this essence is an already known and experienced phenomenon that’s been utilized by spiritually advanced civilizations for millennia. A very humbling realization for a stubborn egghead, but a thrill for a true learner.
And once you know, you know.
It’s out, and won’t go back into the bottle no matter how hard they try.
“Because the eye gazes and catches no glimpse of it, it is called elusive; Because the ear cannot hear it, it’s called rarified; because the hand cannot feel it, it is called infinitesimal; it’s rising brings no heat, it’s sinking no darkness.”
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Meet Wilhelm Reich
One little known pioneer in translating this life force, which he named Orgone, into a pragmatic resource for humanity was Wilhelm Reich. As you can expect, he was hounded, marginalized, maligned and very probably murdered, dying the day before parole while in a US federal prison. Again, for his “alternative views” that challenged the status quo of his day…as is almost always the case…in this current paradigm at least.
Literally tons of his research work was destroyed as well. Of course, his research led to the weaponization of torsion fields, but who’s looking.
Why the fuss? Think Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife, Galileo, Socrates, etc. The status quo does not take challenging well, unless it’s one of their own, carefully bringing in a new control system with a strain of “new” truth to substantiate it and make it appear changing.
That’s at least one reason why this deserves researching. Same symptoms. But even more so, some fascinating understandings. And out of it came a profoundly simple and powerful technology that deserves looking into.
An Introduction To Orgone Technology
Reich was anathema to his contemporaries because of his orgone research. He felt he had found an underlying force so profound that everything else paled in comparison.
The second observation that Wilhelm Reich made was the following: Organic matter attracts and holds orgone energy while metallic matter attracts and immediately repels orgone. He designed his orgone accumulators following these two principles, and the same principles were active in Mesmer’s barrels. Mesmer was not aware of these characteristics of life force.
A Reich’s orgone accumulator is a box that has alternating layers of organic and metallic materials. The outermost layer is organic while the innermost layer is metallic. As a consequence there will be a flow of orgone energy from the outside of the orgone box to the inside. The life energy inside the accumulator will become stronger and stronger. According to Reich, a thermometer on the inside of the orgone box shows consistently a higher temperature. This fact contradicts the law of entropy. According to the second law of thermodynamics the inside of the box should have the same temperature as the outside.
Wilhelm Reich has also made another important observation: An electroscope discharges much faster in an atmosphere that has a high orgone potential. This characteristic allowed Reich to measure the strength of fields of life energy. If we consider this characteristic of life force and the fact that the inside of an orgone box is warmer than its surroundings, we must realize that there is an “interface” between the space time that physics describes and life energy.
Wilhelm Reich was a medical doctor. Therefore he used orgone energy for healing purposes. This brought medical traditionalists on the plan with the usual consequences. Reich went on to use his discoveries to build devices that he called “cloud busters.” He used these devices to influence the weather: by forming clouds and by destroying them.
Works continuously.
Turns negative energy into positive energy.
Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.
Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation.
Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.
Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.

Here you can find experiments with orgone energy and food:


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