DIVINE PURPOSE of your orgonite

“The true beauty of the inner self is its spirit nurturing truth which breathes joy and happiness into our very soul. By living life in harmony and balance we awaken our inner universe and cultivate infinite love for all beings. The essence of being alive is to live an inspired life of higher self discovery that opens doorways to richness of spirit and inspires us to embrace the earth as a sacred womb of love.”


My primary intention while creating orgonites is to hold the purity of creation, which are not tainted by humans or anything which isn’t of the highest purpose and benefit for the soul.

cosmic energy

That includes revoking the Soul contracts which are made just to take the energy of the soul and feed upon it. It is my clearest intention to turn any disease into ease.

Also my intention for the Soul is to integrate all the lost fragments, which got separated from the core part due to some trauma from the childhood or any kind of programing from the outside world… this parts are called shadow aspect of ourself.

Every human in existence that was ever socialized (which is everyone in the western world), went through this process of splitting themselves into parts. Parts that are owned and parts that are disowned. This self-rejection is the birth of self-hate. The emptiness that we feel is the result of those missing rejected or disowned parts of our self. And the soul wants one thing, to make us whole again. We will be provided every single opportunity to become whole again and to make the subconscious conscious. But in order to become whole again, we need to see and accept the aspects of ourselves that we disowned and denied and rejected. When the unpleasant feeling of any kind arises don’t hide it or run from it, just hit it hard with your head up and try to feel it completely with your whole body, you must be it and by doing that you will shine the light on it…only then the real reason will come to you why you are experiencing that in the first place … AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO INTEGRATE THIS LOST PARTS COMPLETELY SO YOU CAN BE WHOLE BEING AGAIN…
everybody have this shadow aspect but they are hiding it well behind the facade of illusion …

YOU ARE HERE TO HOLD THE PURITY OF CREATION, WHICH ARE NOT TAINTED BY HUMANS so you don’t need that things which hold you back…

Much Love and Blessings to You  🙂