Creation of our Orgonites

Very important is the making of our Orgonites.  We only create the orgonites in a positive and loving environment because especially with crystals, they absorb the energies around them.    We also program each orgonite with ancient solfeggio frequencies together with 432hz. [solfeggio frequencies click here].  Every orgonite we make is a loving process and we take nothing for granted.   If you want to know more about us please click [here for Kreso] and [here for Jane].  We are Dear Soul Friends for more than 20 years.   Our aim is to create orgonites to help people lovingly evolve and be the best person they can for themselves, to connect to their soul energy and realise their own potential, which is pure love.    We are eternal beings and we have so much light and love inside of us – lets live it and spread it !!!